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Camberwell District Ballet School

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Welcome to Camberwell District Ballet School, one of Australia's premier ballet schools specialising in the Russian System of Classical Ballet, as taught in renowned Russian institutions.

Camberwell District Ballet School serves as the introductory school to the esteemed Professional Russian Choreographic Academy.

Students who complete their training at Camberwell District Ballet are meticulously prepared and often selected to advance to the full-time Russian Choreographic Academy. This progression offers them the opportunity to further hone their skills and artistry at a professional level. The seamless transition between the two institutions ensures that our students receive comprehensive, world-class ballet education, positioning them for successful careers in the world of classical ballet.

With an illustrious history spanning over 40 years, Camberwell District Ballet School has been dedicated to nurturing young dancers through the meticulous and careful foundation of the Russian System.

This approach ensures that students develop the strength and precision required for advanced and demanding ballet techniques.

The Russian System emphasises perfection in every detail, from hand and finger positions to eye focus and head alignment. This attention to detail ensures that the dancer’s body becomes a finely tuned instrument, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing overall performance.

Classical ballet continually evolves, yet it always returns to the solid foundations established by Agrippina Vaganova. Through this system, dancers achieve mastery over their bodies, transforming them into expressive instruments of dance.

The Vaganova System blends the Romanticism of the French ballet tradition, the soulful character of Russian ballet, and the virtuosity of the Italian style.

This codified method promotes injury-free training while simultaneously developing technical proficiency and artistic individuality. It breaks down all elements of classical ballet into separate components, rebuilding them gradually to reach the highest levels of artistry and skill.

Early training at Camberwell District Ballet School focuses on upper body strength, head and eye coordination, and back stability. This foundational work is crucial for producing the stunning results that the Vaganova System is known for worldwide.

Join us at Camberwell District Ballet School and experience the exceptional training that has made us a leader in classical ballet education for over four decades. Our commitment to the Russian System of Classical Ballet ensures that each student receives the highest quality instruction, fostering both technical excellence and artistic expression.

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